Registered Students for Northern Ireland Poomsae Training Camp Sunday Afternoon 27th August

Student Numbers:24 / 30

List of Students going

Player ID Forename Surname Club Country
2 Eden Byrne Cheol Taekwondo Academy
4 Peter Stewart Lisburn Taekwondo
5 Amy Stewart Lisburn Taekwondo
6 Emily Macmanus Lisburn Taekwondo
7 Candice Winter Lisburn Taekwondo
8 Michael Tiffen Lisburn Taekwondo
9 Colin Baker Lisburn Taekwondo
10 Darren Graham Lisburn Taekwondo
11 Kathryn Vaughan Cascades
12 Sarah-Lois Jamieson Cascades
13 Peter McConville Cascades
14 Thomas McGuinness Queens university taekwondo club
15 Graham Bowes Midwest TKD
16 James Nicholson Carryduff and Valley
18 Christine McManus Cheol Taekwondo Academy
19 Peter Mongan Cheol Taekwondo Academy
20 Adam Finlay Lisburn Taekwondo
21 Michael Beacham Cascades
22 Victoria Kirkpatrick Lisburn Taekwondo
23 Andrew Bell Carryduff and Valley
24 Liam Scott Carryduff and Valley
25 Tannaz Sohrabi Zamani Cheol Taekwondo Academy
26 Bobby Marno Abbey
27 DOMINIC CONNELL Ireland Hankuk Taekwondo